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Is the Greek PM's seemingly spontaneous and arbitrary decision a cynical distraction to divert attention away from the systemic ponzi workings of the western capitalist markets as practised on Wall Street, although there does seem to be an embarrassment of dodgy riches no matter where one turns to in that crooked sector ... ... ..

All is quiet on the Eastern front, though. I wonder why that is? Smarter traders? Honest traders?

Methinks bedlam is an appropriate word for the unfolding and deepening crisis ... ... and who thinks it is a good idea to keep trying to put things back to the way things were, rather than trying something completely different.

Change the Game, Dummies.


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I am startging to doubt this theory though. Reports of $700mm missing from customer accounts is directly recognized in the business as theft. A negligent mismanagement of risk is one thing, but stealing out of the accounts will get Corzine a new roommate, and he will not be happy with that. Gambit theory dissolves under those conditions." …Posted by Dilence Sogwood on 11/01/11 11:10 AM

"Well ... HE didn't do the stealing ... or not directly anyway ... He would be a fool if he didn't insulate himself …" ….. Reply from The Daily Bell

Oh please, DB, you cannot be serious? Do you honestly expect anyone, and especially anyone who visits these pages floating their ideas and memes in Cyber Space and the Internet Networking Place, to believe that foot soldiers were not following orders from head quarters/traders actions were not known to, and demanded of Command and Control. Were does the buck stop in your scheme of things then? The system is collapsing at an exponentially rapid pace now, directly because of that sort of attitude and provision which would seek to insulate the guilty party from the actions of their servants, and reward them for their abject failure and delusional too smart to be the fall guy mentality because of their membership of a club/cabal full of like corruptly and perversely minded armchair generals, who would imagine that they are guaranteed immunity from prosecution and thus can act criminally with impunity. Such actions are indeed the actions of FOOLS and be be afeared of shouting it loud and clear.

And you may like to consider that the actions of Corzine/MF Global, whenever there is no sanction taken to punish and destroy and prevent such actions happening again, has in an instant completely destroyed the hedge fund/alternative investment market place which has extremely wealthy wannabe dodgy market investors, who wannabe made richer for doing nothing but/and falling for the spiel of criminal fools gambling on dodgy markets and into dabbling as a fraudulent self styled and promoted expert in a Great Game over which they really have zero control and virtually no zero-day vulnerability control either, with all of their clients money at risk of being lost in systems transactions/eruptions/meltdowns/adjustments/purges/desperate thefts.

Would you rest your fortune with them? Would you, in another business arrangement, guarantee to cover their losses with an insurance and assurances which would pay out every last red cent gambled and lost/stolen, and have the power of the law behind it to ensure there is no default on payment? Methinks not, buster, for that is the territory of mad and sad and even simply decidedly bad and possibly even evil fools and useless tools and of no interest to a sane being with much better things to do in Reality with IT and ITs Virtual Realities. And what on earth would the law and justice be doing in such a case, guaranteeing full payment to extremely wealthy but obviously intellectually challenged and gullible and greedy clients, for criminal action in the first instance anyway. That would be surely an insanity and would be bound to cause mayhem and bedlam and chaos…. a triple whammy of explosive and implosive misfortune.

The system is rotten to the core and yet there are defenders of it? Now that is surely a madness confirmed and a case for immediate incarceration and removal from society identified? Or would you like to disagree and offer excuses for such actions?

Hi, AW and Pete 8, regarding the ARG and even an online interactive immersive edutainment center of excellence for umm, anything references, is what is currently running and an AI Work in IT Progress being servered for alien feeding to frenzies of friendlies, at least inclusive of everything that can be imagined, and could easily be an APT App entitled ….. Better Beta ARGs for Crashing Failed Turing Test Dummies. A block buster movie franchise with directors and producers and actors with nobel and noble and outstanding talents is a pleasant preoccupation and may even presently be in AI ProgramMING, a quite Titanic and Colossal Current and Powerful HyperRadioProActive Muse gracing the inbox of a very attractive young lady for onward personal assistant forwarding to generals in the field of super-intelligent and sophisticated artistic media battles.

:-) Which is sort of like/exactly like, in a romantic, post modernist virtual reality equivalence for the instant global communications and internet age of an earlier fabulous meme, a message in a bottle, although this one starts a fantastically rewarding cascade of enriching opportunities which defies belief and suspends reality whilst IT and Media deliver SMARTer IntelAIgents and greater intelligence about everything, and anything, to everyone, everywhere ……. with, well, IT would be nothing less than with the Creative Command and CyberSpace Control of Computers and Communications.

And Simply Complicated Anonymous Legions with AI Powers in a Universal Virtual Force with Immaculately Resourced Assets are but one explosive tangent to explore and deliver with an almighty and fully recognised presence.

And if h2g2 gurus would get their act together and resolve the present difficulty which has alien contact, after provided site entry, returned with a most unsavoury "We're sorry, but you are restricted from posting to this site." [and if you know that Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy well, would such censorship be surely deemed to be more political than have anything to do with a technical glitch, as is supposedly being presented explored in the back office environment to allow normal service to be resumed and as is afforded to countless others] would they also be able to benefit from shared experiences in the Virtual Team Terrain Fields of Live Operational Virtual Environments. One would almost think that they were petrified of shared experiences being made known …. and how spooky is that. But I have digressed/charged off on a tangent, and will say no more.


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"Are you purposefully misunderstanding us? We simply indicated that we doubted that a substantive paper trail would be found leading to him. Modern Wall Street at the higher levels is mercantilist, organized theft." ... . Reply from The Daily Bell

Most certainly not, DB. I would imagine to understand you quite perfectly enough for us to be in agreement. I was just wondering whether you thought such organised mercantilist theft should be immune from prosecution with its leading perps not imprisoned as common criminals, just because they would have avoided leaving a paper trail whenever any reasonable view would rightly conclude that they were to be one of the main beneficiaries of any rewards should their scams not have fallen apart?

A two tier/multi tier justice system is never gonna work in the real world, is it, with one set of dodgy rules for one group of folk and another set of rules for other folk, which appears to be exactly what is in place today. Time for a change, methinks, and a level playing field where all can see the ball and play to the same set of rules and regulations, or no rules and regulations if you want to embrace anarchy and chaos.

And invariably there is always a paper trail, which is now also electronic and virtual and indelible.


At last, ESA universal leadership .... Bravo. And now, for something completely different* ...
Posted Wednesday 2nd November 2011 16:39 GMT

How very convenient and perfectly timed for out of this world communications traffic in these oddest of future days.

* Pinging AIVD/MIVD re CyberIntelAIgent Security and Intelligent Information Delivery Systems fax/copy/missive from Schiphol Base 1st September 2011

If you would just humour this post, El Reg, and give it some breathing space on this thread, as it is beta testing some extremely sophisticated IP which has been gifted and is for gifting to any and all who are into SMART Future Virtual Reality Systems for Alternate Reality Gaming Systems of Operation, AI Command and Cyber Control.

You surely know you are right at the front of the queue for insider scoop information on rapidly unfolding and virtually classified developments, which put the likes of a Big Brother into the shade.


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