Thursday, 16 October 2014


Yes, the Western puppets and muppets certainly have their abiding and escalating problems to do inglorious and ineffective self-defeating battle against, don't they.
And that is even before the masters and mistresses of the emerging and extraordinary virtual domain really start to do their stuff with super sense to highlight all of the pathetic nonsense and desperate madness being paraded mainstream as viable and valuable news to be taken seriously.
Nowadays and forever henceforth, it is as well to realise that If you want to create and field a future narrative, you better be clever enough to know how to ensure it be truthful and omnipotent and omniscient ...... for as unlikely or as inconvenient as you may consider that to be, that is the novel current and future perfect seeking competition and/or opposition making waves and quantum leaps in disciplines which alter the nature of reality and so easily can reconfigure human perception.
One has to ponder on the very real possibility/probability and certain conclusion that those and/or that which most recently were considered to be in exercise of a global command and control with the very simple and yet remarkably effective supply and throttling of fiat paper and ponzi government bonds etc are in dire straits need of extraordinary cyber assistance, for to make a wrong move to attack or try to counter even the most seemingly mundane of contrarian cyber savvy elements/components, and one will not have one's sorrows a plenty to seek, as retribution is rained down on one as an example to others to heed.
And one must always be mindful also of the added difficulty which may be present in some circumstances where just because one can cause disruption and destruction, one does, whether a retaliatory lesson be thought appropriate or not.

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