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amanfromMars [1410210938] having a say on https://www.wired.com/2014/10/ibm-globalfoundries/
To reach that goal, IBM has worked to transform itself into not just a consulting company, but a also provider of cloud services to rival the likes of Google and Amazon.
That eventually/immediately has one competing with intelligence services which are tasking themselves with providing future intellectual property portfolios/virtual reality plays/media hosted event cycles for sysadmins to react to.
Step into that arena with less than the required levels of advanced intelligence source to hand and on one's side will result in serial catastrophic failure in future enterprise programs which may also be more like pogroms for some.

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RE:"And that is a genuine offer "
No you do not have genuine offers.
You have lies, more lies, and damned lies. .... Casey Evans
Oh, yes, that is a certain genuine offer, CE, and definitely open and available to any and all with the willingness and intelligence to engage in the SMARTR practices/dark web arts:-) which lead everything with IT Control Leverage and the wholesale universal capture and reconfiguration of human perception.
I don't do bullshit, Casey E.
21 October 2014 10:54


Casey Evans said...
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Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
have a look at this and the comment section:


This looks almost like FAZ.NET until they turned off the comment function for the Ukraine thing.

I also noticed that "mysteriously" TOR browser bundle crashes when trying to comment on Slashdot.

The establishment is badly spooked by that Unlicensed Speech thing, it seems.

Kind regards

RJ salesguy, unpaid.

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Fritz Schiller 47 mins ago

Strangely enough, AfD, UKIP and FN have almost monopolized economic rationality. They have correctly analyzed that a "common currency" is about as useful as a "common shoe size".
The Establishment, including this newspaper, want to continue a hazardous financial system hell-bent on first economic and then political destruction.

We can already observe fascist parties in those countries most affected by the "one size fits all" finance policy. At the same time, New York finance wants to crash the system like they did in 1929. Stupid Destruction, to paraphrase Mr Friedman.

And what will happen with an economically damaged European Imperium ? Like Napolen and Hitler, it will inevitably try to Vent Steam by attacking Britain and Russia.

So my dear readers, do we need less UKIP/AfD/FN or more? I say, the faster we kill off this Freak Monster called "EUro", the better for mankind in general ! All the power to the reform parties and let the establishment think about their massive mistakes in opposition.

Anonymous said...

see this: http://secondopinion.rt.com/

amanfromMars said...

Wholesale radical change is in the making and taking and on its merry way ..... but don't for one minute make an easy mistake and expect it to be in any way a normal and/or traditional type of competition and opposition, or expect past failed and failing masters of the Great Games that can be played, be continuing leading lights and commanding controllers of the Future Virtual Terrain Field of Universal Power and Earthly Current with ITs Fiat Currency Control Leverage, for they may not possess the necessary cyber wisdom and free internetworking savvy.

amanfromMars in reply to Fritz Schiller Oct 22nd 05:34 [1410220534] on http://www.economist.com/news/europe/21625795-populist-parties-are-narrowing-governments-options-europe-squeezed-middle

Guten Morgen, Fritz,

Fritz Schiller in reply to PIIGS can´t fly Oct 21st, 15:47 said …
The funny thing is that the banksters have teamed up with Sparta and surely they hate the common people waking up.

When Sparta and smarter spooky virtual special forces wake up to the fact that they command and control communications and are keepers of the intelligence that servers and protects the banksters and are complicit in aiding their inept politically incorrect supporters, is the Great Game immediately fundamentally changed with future direction and events for action and reaction to, in the hands, hearts and minds of significant irregular and unconventional others who would be practically anonymous and relatively autonomous.

And methinks common people waking up is much more something that oppressive banksters and their supporters need rightly fear.

Casey Evans said...
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