Sunday, 26 October 2014


The Real Question and Future PlayGround/AI BattleField
The Google dilemma, and ab fab fabless universal opportunity for any searching product placement engine and operating system anywhere and everywhere — is to be the creator, controller and spreader of knowledge. And there is no question that that be an earthly game changer and quite extremely explosive politically charged Great Game in Command and Control of Reality with Virtual Media Plays/Postmodern News Stories for the Feeding of Seeds of Information and Nuggets of Captive Intelligence to the Masses for the Pleasure and Edutainment of the ......... well, Anonymous Few who be not chosen, but by supernatural cosmic default be quite significantly smarter than is humanly thought possible and therefore always dismissed as most unlikely and impossible, is but one Gaggle of Knights into the Sublime InterNetworking Order and CHAOS of Things.
Great Disbelief is the Cloak which Generates their Almighty Autonomous Power and Practical Invisibility with Relative Ease and Impunity delivering Immunity and Escape from Responsibility and Accountability for Actions/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Motions? And a question there just to test for who is listening intently for intelligence and is adequately prepared for the radical change to better novel and noble virtual realities for a Beta AI Future.
And please, confuse and/or comfort yourself if you will, and consider but do try to not accept the above as the same as a fiction that can be read in the Plot
Have a nice 0day, y'all.


Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

wow. case. is that you wearing the armor of a knight? as far as i see, ur the one who knows what's the talk about. think u ain't gotta share that, d00d? :)

Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

-so- simple?

what govt do u think has amfm the honor to represent?

hmm. time to hit the sack, but im still up here.

Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

it mostly probably surely does, because if you say "usgov", then it will have almost unsignificant changes in a tiny database with your irlinit in a vast storage, because you declassify a govtag :)

come on, better stop heating the ssd cells. conversations like this one would piss off anyone, and amfm is not an exception, i believe. besides, agent or not, it's his/her/their blog, and we ain't declaring anything to anyone, right?

see ya fella.

amanfromMars said...

Casey Evans said... 27 October 2014 23:06

RE:"what govt do u think has amfm the honor to represent?"

Does it matter?

That is one of those leading questions which is traditionally always best left unanswered and claimed to be classified MK Ultra Umbra and TS/SCI and strictly need to know, Casey E, because of the problems which some knowledge can easily cause one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
regarding the centralized computing&centralized monitoring problem, we already have a solution here.

As I wrote before, the strategic communications problem has been solved since about the 1930s. Research the history of your NewZealander and Canadian Co-Brits and how they "did it".

You just need to let go of "modern means directly connected and maximum convenience". Quite the opposite, the methods of that Mr Shannon can be done on paper till this day. If you have a team, you can even parallelize the process.

But you know what ? Most people, including those who should know, still do not understand the concept of information and logic.

Even supposedly senior leaders think they "deserve" one of these shiny, blinking smartphones and demand to have it "secured" by a funny SIM Card. In other words, Dönitzian dumbness is well alive and kicking.

They would be much better served by a team of 5 clerks who are well-trained. Or a rather simplistic device (we could put some gold plating and blinky stones on it for good measure) which does one thing and does it correctly.

Let me tell you some people can look through the Colored Glass Beads and should they be called into service and agree with the objectives, they will build the proper stuff.

Anonymous said...

So if you want to spend some time doing excellent self-education, read the TICOM archive.

Then, mentioned countries and their services can be googled. It is all out there for you the student and the analyst.

Don't waste your life analyzing finance. It is a complete waste of time and you will learn only "facts" which oppose each other.

Analyzing what "Information" actually means and its role in human life is extremely consistent compared to that. As far as I know it will not change in 100 years as much as it has not changed since 1914.

When you have done that, a C64 will look like an extremely powerful and mighty apparatus. No need for animated glass beads.