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Posted by amanfromMars on 09/26/11 03:43 AM

""able to hire the best minds to help them in their scheme"

Nope, the "best minds" can only become so by being "morally aware", enough to accept that other, perfectly valid opinions exist and, learn from them.

Elites can hire the "best" narrow (myopic) specialists, but, they are unable to comprehend the "big picture" and, will lose to those who do have such knowledge.

It is quite probable that elite machinations are unwinding, by being entrapped by their greed, accepting faux opportunities, constituting the rope by which they are being hung, by more "fit" opponents.

And, like everything else about elites (lies), their omnipotence and infallible "reputation" are also LIES.

Learned this by (quickly masked) flashes of terror in judicial eyes when I demanded: "Equality, before law, in terms of MEASURABLE rights and responsibilities", prior to their inept attempts to smite me." ..... Posted by rossbcan on 09/24/11 12:15 PM

Quite so, rossbcan, Houston has a problem which is quickly destroying a corrupt crazy world of fool minnows who thought they were untouchable sharks. And regarding ....

"@DB; FYI, Activist Post appears to have been taken down by Google, and, to boot they foolishly relied exclusively on Google for backups, which are also AWOL: " ..... Posted by rossbcan on 09/24/11 11:35 AM

That is a sign of realisation of the new age sphere of universal influence, rbc ..... Control Words Control Worlds. And that sort of discriminatory, unilateral action which censors freely and transparently shared opinion and/or actions, makes one an enemy of everyone brainwashed to believe in freedom and democracy and a future which is not carved up for the benefit and pleasure of old school Great Game Players. So for all of its pretensions at being different and smart and force for great good [Do no evil] are Google just puppets which gathers your information to sell out to third parties who are less gifted than they need to be, to try and stay in a dominant position whenever smarter sensitive information and intelligence is being selflessly shared in virtual networks programmed to provide that which is required to purge and cleanse infected toxic and dodgy sub-prime systems of operation ..... or simply work around them/create a beta parallel system of virtual operation/digital manipulation with novel provision of future seeds and feeds and needs floated into and onto the mad money markets which fuel all fads and rad fab labs with a handle on the future. How IT presents the future without the perversions of the past being included in the scripted global soap, is that which is explosive and catastrophic knowledge and now freely being touted as readily available to any and all with a need for such a service. ...... digital facility.

If you don't and can't control a flow of thoughts to render to you what is desired, then all monies spent in support of a lost cause and what is presented and not so desired, will be lost and spent on nothing of real value and cause crushing debt which destroys fiat currency banking systems ....... as we are all now witnessing around the world on the media shows.

If you have something of merit, server it yourself appears to be the most sensible answer, for then all are reliant on source rather than the hired help [Google in the cited case of Activist Post] hosting and feeding off the source lode/digital nodes.

And this is relevant .....

Seems like we were just in time to stop any third party nobbling of sensitive information and emerging novel intellectual property to the Internet via the removal of a database on a hosting server run and owned by the competition/opposition ……

The Baywords/Pirate Bay server for the blog appears to have given up the ghost, and in such a way does information disappear from public view ….. for private attention if it is a leading authority on sensitive issues ……

The old Power Elite system has a major, and increasingly obvious problem today ...... It doesn't control thoughts or IT ...... :-) but all is not lost if they can just find out what and/or whom they need to throw money at for full trilateral control, [Power Elite systems, thoughts and IT] for that is all that is truly necessary. And that is the only way in which they will stay in any way in remote control of Great Game plays, and even that courtesy will be subject to constant revision to determine the need for its inclusion in the future. After all, who needs parasitic passengers as partners.

Posted by amanfromMars on 09/26/11 09:28 AM

"Conclusion: The knowledge of the manipulations by the elite and their enablers are bound to have ramifications beyond what has yet been seen. This is the crux issue of what is occurring. The manipulations that raised the EU, and have now brought it down, were supposed to be secret. But what happens if everyone knows?" ... .. DB Staff Report

But what happens if everyone knows, or even just a handful, is that others a whole lot smarter and a whole lot more generous take over control remotely with novel partners who are easily able to collapse a ponzi fronted fraud, which is using old intelligence methods and misinformation tricks.

And this is a pathetic clutching at straws ..... . Far too little, much too late and of no interest at all to those who know enough about how things have been worked in the past, and how totally lost are the old guard in this new dynamic virtual environment.

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