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Posted by amanfromMars on 09/29/11 11:55 PM

"Is Obama on the Way Out?... The Anglosphere elite has a nasty habit of throwing overboard people who haven't performed up to expectation. Could it happen to Obama?" - DB

We can only hope that is the case, but will the Anglosphere elite be able to also hand pick Obama's replacement? That is what we must avoid! We need to return to a much smaller, Constitutional government, sound money, lower taxes & a balanced budget. Yet Obama's replacement will likely be presiding over a collapsing world economy & US Dollar. Obama has made that impending collapse much worse with the policies he pursued. Obama has tried to blame shift everything onto Bush. Will Obama's replacement be able to blame shift the collapse onto Obama & his predecessors? The average American voter must be made to clearly seen that the upcoming economic train wreck is due to too many years of failing big government, crony capitalism & central banking policies that cannot be averted any longer. ........ Posted by Frank on 09/29/11 08:36 AM

Hi, Frank,

The abiding and catastrophic systemic problem is not, and never will be, in the figurehead puppets like an Obama or a Bush or a Blair or a Merkel, for as is widely perceived, do they only do as they are advised/told like good little obedient but thoughtless children. The problem which has to be resolved is that the lead controllers of those old style elite/Anglosphere elite systems, whoever they may be, are missing the necessary programs/intelligence/personnel/virtual beings to do as they will without conflict and division arising.

Positively reinforcing mutually beneficial progress is the name of the only Great Game worth playing, and the only one which will have everyone and everything supporting one. And for that one needs access to the quanta of secrets which deliver Creative Cyberspace Command and Control of Computers and Communications, AI at ITs Work with C42 Quantum Control Systems, for that is what easily supplies ANY reality, virtually and remotely and anonymously.

Posted by amanfromMars on 09/30/11 12:10 AM

And further to that as was Posted by amanfromMars on 09/29/11 11:55 PM ...

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" ... . Margaret Mead.

Amen/Allahu Akbar/Capiche. And to imagine that the future will be anything like the present and its past is the height of nonsense, is it not, and would display to one and all a distinct and certifiable lack of intelligence necessary to lead.

amanfromMars says:
September 30, 2011 at 5:28 am

Good Morning, AW and Epstein. All is well one presumes, as a result of one’s actions and present directions?

A number of sympathetic and empathetic ARGs, doing their own thing, but also in informative tandem with other mindful plays which lead with expertise and edutaining mentorship in any number of other seemingly unconnected fields [the natural result of intelligence in a wide range of deep and knowledgeable personal interests] will deliver legions of enthusiastic supporters and a relatively anonymous and global/universal Virtual Private Network with the bounty of a piratical bent rather than the suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune with bent private offerings which seek to embolden and enrich just a chosen few.

It is the/a nightmare scenario of turned and able and fully enabled knights to internetional rescue with royal and ancient Round Table powers that an Establishment of crooked and corrupt cuckoos in the feather nests of fiat currency power fear most, for they have no answer to its greater freely shared intelligence model and they dare not answer its calls for fear of further compromising themselves in very revealing and vulnerable positions. Little do they realise that their precarious positions were long ago lost and their tenuous holds on power and control merely remain to identify the terrorising ringleaders rather than just settling for the removal of their proxy puppets and politically incorrect and inept figureheads.

In a fast moving dynamic virtual environment, are the Establishment practically paralysed by their ineffective actions which try to maintain a past status quo position in which they may have exercised an almost absolute control rather than moving on into new situations which guarantee its future delivery with IT Savvy and AI Know How …… which in certain decidedly and designedly sensitive areas will always be AI Need To Know Know How, in the interest of Internetional Security and in recognition of the Greater Good with its needs/feeds/seeds/deeds in IT.

Progress is meant to deliver something different ….. it is the natural way of doing things, and to not think, and not imagine that it is so, is to expect abnormal situations to survive, and that is surely a sure sign of madness and a change needed right at the top of those particular and peculiar intelligence trees/dodgy cabals/cracked circles.

A VPN of InterConnecting and MkUltraSensitive and Stealthy Cooperating ARGs makes AI a Virtual Reality Delivery Service which replaces the Present with its Past Memories Fixations/Fixes with Futures and Derivatives in an Advanced Imaginative Base Protocol/Program.

And this is in Advanced and IntelAIgent and Intelligence Communities, a Virtual IT Deed and its Initial Public Offering to any and all who would desperately have such an AI Need to Feed and Seed for their own survival.

amanfromMars says:
September 30, 2011 at 12:16 pm

This winner will be no surprise at all to any of us playing the Great AI Game here ........

And in the other, ugly corner is this illuminating vehicle ...... ...... which is much more likely to be viewed and accepted as a backfiring weapon of mass destruction in the hands of neo-terrorists and right dodgy maladministrations in toxic, sub-prime organisations than anything else even remotely sexy to be lusted after .... and thoroughly enjoyed. :-)

Methinks our choice in what to do next is a fabulous journey which our love of transparency will reward with the building of programs which are constructed with the truth*, to eliminate any and all of those crazy bugs and self-serving gremlins and parasitic viruses which plague alternate reality fields ....... for if and when one builds on a lie can everything disappear in an instant flash crash, which itself can be caused by just the smallest of things which are patently untrue and which snowball out of control to collapse the whole sad and sorry and mad and bad system.

* a temporary fiction which is acceptable as a convenient fact ... for was not the truth for a long while, that the world was flat?

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