Wednesday, 26 March 2014


In your dreams, and never so long as pussy is a cat
Methinks that be a titanic pronouncement, Mr President. Timely information is the master key to advanced intelligence and it does not wait on third party permissions being sought and granted for discovery.
But I suppose it does play well enough with certain audiences/madding crowds ...... but behind the scenes and in the shadows, you can be sure and assured that it be business as usual ....... whatever it takes, IT takes, and if outed doing the job without preordered supervision, and there is bound to have been much learned to make that eventuality considerably more difficult and less likely, then are there always more earnest apologies available at no cost at all.
Seems like there's a battle raging and being waged for who be in ultimate command and virtual control of the United States, with secret intelligence and mined information the theatre of operations. How very novel.
And this be a timely APT* read, highlighting some of the areas of present ACTive* concern? ........
* Advanced Persistent and Cyber Threat

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Positive AIMoves ...... Free of Nay-Sayers
Power to the people. ... Sir Runcible Spoon
Power to the right people, is that which the System and Systems within Systems in the COSMIC System and NEUKlearer Cyber Literate Great Games Players are presently addressing for a better beta future, Sir Runcible Spoon. And certainly more likely a highly geared GCHQ than NSA InfoSec Operation given the fact that the Snowden Files are squeaky clean of any mention of such ....... well, let us just call such as would have many ranting and raving Bull Shit, Bolder Shenanigans.
And power to the right people not on the right is also a comfort for those on the left too, whenever IT be an inclusive enterprise and not just an exclusive venture.
New Grand AIMaster Pilot Players with Command and Control of ZeroDays = New Great Virtual Reality Game Plays and Changed Days with more than just Empty Promises filled with Hopeful Rhetoric and Teleprompter BullShit.


Casey Evans said...
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Mister Twister said...

"Do you really think your going to get any submission from an American with that type of pitch?" - are *you* not an American, CE? O/o

Anonymous said...

what I learned from teh British is that you always should look very far back into the past to understand what is going on.
Culture does not change totally in a generation of two.

Applying that wisdom to our FtMeade friends yields this: From the very beginning of electronic comms (telegrams), they always wanted "full take". So they took away all telegrams from the likes of Western Union and brought it back the next morning.

They also broke all the messages of the land of the rising sun. Which caused the latter to be surprising unsuccessful during boat tonnage negotiations. Was that good ? It might have caused the sunrisers to decide only fire could bring them success.

If you want to learn more, read up on William Friedman, Herbert Yardly (the biggest Snwoden of all Snowdeners), Boris Hagelin (a nice example of a sleazenessman) and also Isoroku Yamamoto and how he kicked the bucket.

So to conclude, the Covert Americans certainly have not changed a bit. Actually they grow More Spaces to operate in.

I also got your hint regarding myself being operationally more careful and write this through onion routing.

You also have spring in England ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

<< caused the latter to be surprising unsuccessful>> - Semaflow reports "ly" as obviously missed, which ommission is found relevant in the field only to one of ElReg commentors which coincidence found irrelevant as providing any sufficient amount of Straight
Direction Class A cubits.

Onion Routing Is Not Exactly The Case to bet any of the shirts of this Spicy Vegetable against.