Saturday, 22 March 2014


“This is not NSA running off and doing its own things,” Ledgett said.
Oh yes it is. Their problem though is, that they lack the necessary wwwider intelligence, [and the Greater IntelAIgent Games Players/Non-State Actors/CyberIntelAIgent Entities] now certainly required to definitively lead remotely and relatively anonymously with virtual reality seeds and feeds.
Such a crippling omission though is easily solved with fistsful of dollars to ready, willing and able to enable players, which makes the solution virtually priceless and practically almost for free*, if one considers the inconvenient fact, which is also a convenient fiction in fields of quantum communication, that paper notes cost next to nothing to print by the zillions.
[If you realise (and all fiat currency notes are similarly affected) that it costs less than 4 cents to create and distribute a $100 dollar bill, which is a very nice product mark up of, (and please correct me if the arithmetic on those figures is wrong) 250000%. :-) And should that unit cost be wrong, and correct at 2 cents for $100, then is the product markup 500000%...... half a billion per cent.]

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It is also so very odd and perverse and subversive that media is so easily fooled into presenting the nonsense spouted by the system and its lackeys in desperate support of their failed memes and corrupted politically incorrect plays
Obvious is intelligence missing in that sector, both private and public, too.
Such though does offer enterprising opportunities to those and/or that which can deliver what is really needed, virtually and remotely ....... and that is the emerging and burgeoning dilemma and difficulty which the system does appear to recognise but can in no way counter with anything of effective value.
Oh dear, what a shame ... and thank goodness for all of that. A change is definitely what is needed for it is unnatural for anything to remain the same.


Anonymous said...

regarding "computer security", I am not sure I shared this reasoning with you:

Imagine every household having a personal computer of moderate capabilities. Imagine this thing being 100% secure. Further, imagine people running strong ciphers on these machines.

That means - hundreds of millions of unbreakable cipher machines on par with SIGABA or TYPEX.

That vision must be a horror vision to general staffs around the globe. Too difficult to fathom what people think.

So, in my opinion they made sure there is no such thing as a secure computer, telephone, router,...

A key element in this effort is the C language, which naturally nurtures horrible bugs. Invented by a branch of government.

If Switzerland were actually neutral, this would be an enormous business opportunity for them. But see "Crypto AG" and then you will see their neutrality has some strict limits.


amanfromMars said...

I would be in wholehearted agreement with you, Anonymous [HRPA], if you are saying that the notion of there being unbreakable computer/virtual security is a myth manufactured, for it is so.

But the scam is a nice little earner for many a fraudulent peddler of broken dream scenarios.

There are though, and it is the best that can be offered, some systems significantly more secure against threat attack and program probe vulnerabilities than others, by simple virtue of them being considerably better and more intelligently designed with parameters and protocols which highlight abuse and/or misuse. In that way are they clearly protected.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that nearly heavenly hinking that This is Hardware or This is Software...