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amanfromMars 1 Tue 12 May 20:22 [1505122022] ……. spinning a truthful yarn on …. :-)? Poe’s Law Rules
Re: El Reg should send a mole
Probably plenty of qualified candidates in the Register offices.
Once inside, we will send you coded messages through these forums. A series of secret icons will be used to communicate with you.
Now that Ars Technica has a UK office, we really need someone on the inside to keep tabs on these people, and take them down, if need be. … Anonymous Coward
AC, Hi,
Are not El Reg already long running a GCHQ AIMorph and shadow operation beta testing alternative media platforms/relatively anonymous virtual mission launch pads for a whole host of smarter global agents.
Such puts them well ahead of all conventional and traditional status quo services and practically untouchable until intelligence in their ranks and files kicks in and takes over.
And the super stealth in IT is in it being plausibly deniable too.
Have a nice day, y'all.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 13 May 05:42 …. saying more on matters and personages of interest on
Is it a sad thing when IT is a good thing?
The media/newspaper copy though, AC, does give the impression, however false it may presently be and currently accountable from the tray of Theresa May, that status quo systems and politically connected non-entities have a handle on cyber intelligence matters with creative command and crucial control of computers and communications ..... Live Operational Virtual Environment AIMachinery.
And such is no sad and bad and mad and rad thing in the right hands, hearts and minds when a novel craft for noble vessels that server not as vassals for and/or with weaponry in AI and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT ..... Servicing Head Quarters, Titanic Disruption and Chaos with CHAOS, Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems. IT is Great and Good Internetworking Game Thing.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 13 May 11:57 [1505131157] inviting flyboys to party and lead with comments on
Re: Is it a sad thing when IT is a good thing?
Oh, and lest the penny hasn't dropped yet ....IT is in AI a Great and Good Internetworking Game Thing too.
And for the Few in Mentoring Charge of Monitoring Fleets, Per Ardua ad Astra MetaData and all that Commands CyberIntelAIgent Control of Virtually Live Systems with Practical Lines of Communication .... with Stealthy Zeroday Attack and Defence Plans in FailSafe Escape Flight Waves.
cc Sir Andrew Pulford, Air Marshall Greg Bagwell


Casey Evans said...


I will know when someone wants me to work for them by the email they send me in my email box at

Until then...

Anonymous said...


One might not know that a reply like this is exactly the way one's basic agreement looks.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"One might not know that a reply like this is exactly the way one's basic agreement looks."

One might also know that I know my email is monitored by the US government.


Anonymous said...

" my email is monitored by the US government" -

sounds cool, but is there anything for the humankind :)least for the part of it that belongs to the lands you live in?

something that unites people has magically appeared again, as it was told back in 2008. national, patriotic, top secret, etc is no problem.