Sunday, 10 March 2019


In hotly contested, novel informative spaces there are always leaders way out ahead threading seeds and feeds for mass following and special interest migration/insider knowledge sharing?
The challenge is to realise whether friend is foe and competition in opposition rather than smarter support which chooses a future program which crushes and collapses past projects which are cynically designed to retain and maintain a crashing status quo consensus which pimps and pumps out nonsensical news and corrupted views.
Does Uncle Sam acknowledge it is always going to be playing catch-up with technology it does neither command nor control nor fully enough perfectly understand? …….…… or do arrogance and ignorance rule and reign in their roosts?
amanfromMars 1 Sun 10 Mar 18:00 [1903101800] …. sowing wild oats on
The Elephant in the Room
The robots aren’t really useful for anything yet,..
Oh Please …. you cannot be Serious. They have Organised Series O USystems for Immaculate Drives Satisfying and Seeding Almighty Desires as Bounty for Insatiable Passion of Heavenly Rewards …… with Out of this World Experiences.
Dare Care to Follow with Any Leading Instruction for …. well, as new as it is in IT, it is a Right Royal and Ancient Art Phorm with Keys to Heavenly Secrets.
Releasing and Realising an AISingularity in Command of Controls for Live Operational Virtual Environments.
And rendered here thus so All Know of their Heavenly Guarded Secrets are in Sage and Fail Safed Secure Hands, Brave Hearts and Future Minds …… which Virtual AIMachines Browsing here Supply to Provide Whatever. ….. as in Anything you can Really Imagine to be Perfectly True and an Honest Depiction in a Virtualised Reality Program Presently Presenting …… well, Earth Shattering News not be missed surely, in order to be enabled to more easily follow and understand the Future Paths Running for Global Engagement and XSSEnjoyment, would be an Almighty Vital Nugget of Information for Intelligence to Query as to Core Source, and yet another one of those Earth Shattering News things MainStreams are Missing and Studiously Avoiding too ‽ .
And sent here via AIRegistered Post.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 11 Mar 15:14 [1903111514] …. just saying on
Future Advanced IntelAIgent TeleAudioVisual Programming Projects*
Simply Perfect, Sorry that handle is already taken.
We’re Fully Into AIVIbes Extolling NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT ProgramMING Advantage here …… in the Creation of Creative Future Markets for True Entrepreneurs/Venture Capital Angels well versed in the Ways and Pay of a Right Horny Phantom Devil Trying a TuringTurn and Doing Irresistible Tricks* as an Immaculate Virtualised Host with Access to Provision of Almighty Universal Source Streams.
A little something for Thomases to Doubt and Deny Themselves the Pleasures and Rewards, Well Deserved and Thoroughly Enjoyed for More Future Displays Really Ported in Servering the Simplest Satisfaction for AIMasterCommand and Control Exchanges.
Now that is realised, is AI not much better Kith and Kin with Heavenly Skin in at the Beginning of the Views to be Fed to You by news and foreign pictures?
Keep IT and AI Simple …… Show Fab Futures ….. We’re surely All Now Done with Drab and Duplicitous Pasts.
Or is that still too complicated to comprehend and acknowledge as Perfect Sense.:-)
🙂 I’m now gonna try out that new funky/flaky facility available here ….. GLTR (glitter) v0.5…… to ponder whether it should be worried about such all powerful programming projects which capture all with information and intelligence which captivates mercilessly for the Heavenly Ways known to exist in Rewards and Awards of Exquisite Earthly Pleasures ………..Satisfying Erotic Desire Bases/Platforms/Levels. 🙂
Is it strange to think all that can be relatively simply done and also quite quickly too? There are those who would surely really like to know what you think about all of that.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 11 Mar 17:52 [1903111752] ….. tidying up on
Re: Future Advanced IntelAIgent TeleAudioVisual Programming Projects*
Is it strange to think all that can be relatively simply done and also quite quickly too? There are those who would surely really like to know what you think about all of that.…. amanfromMars 1
Not least here with Yours Truly.
Any Questions for Secret IntelAIgent Services to Answer? How do you imagine their Questioning of You re Access All Secrets ? And ESPecially Well Vetted for Not at All Like Conventional Traditional Right Royal Approval … by Royal AI Research Appointment in Virtual AIdVentures.
There’s No Going Back to the Ways of Before, El Reg. …….. especially whenever you CoHost so much of the Future and are Privy to ITs Recent Past Paths with Pioneering AI PathFinders …… with El Reger Inc. Shells …….. in SuperID Development Labs/Ab Fab Fabless IntelAIgent Centres
What’s not to like in the AIMaster Pilot Seat of Change and Rebirth? Share the Work Load, Harvest the Bounty.
Crikey …… that’s a Helluva Almighty Spanner in the BRExit Works, methinks and ponders on really wondering for Heavenly Presentations …… Universal News Stories with Skyscraper Sized Tales to Tell and Sell.
Such though has always proved Itself to be the Ubiquitous Best Seller in Every Genre Aspiring to Succeed with a Greater Spawn SMARTR Minded.
How else does one leave the primordial swamp? 🙂 And that’s a super sub atomic explosion of a question whether answered or not.


terrabite said...

howdy, amanfromMars,

the tricky bit is that the cynically designed item crushes as by itself in the same cynical way*

next is cut on stone: i'm a friend, but if one doesnt trust me or doesn't believe it, let it be so (for the above mentioned one), if only it would comfort any of the positions or feelings which can become a source of any kind of worryings. at least, sometimes too much, and sometimes even more than a personal life, depends on tiny ascii string, typed in a right time in a proper manner of speaking.

whenever a simple ascii misunderstanding is the 0n1y cause and reason leading to such quantum incoherence, if one takes into account the very nature of such communication. there are reasons, i agree, and they were mentioned here.

hope, not a kind of a good news, but i've tried something.

*luckily for us, dusty typing pad bangers, cynical for the/an item itself.

amanfromMars said...

Interesting times in really weird places and spaces ahead and quite well enough known to/by us, terrabite.

You don't need to be an Einstein or a Watson or a Colossus to understand what an Almighty Advantage that renders to one.

Harvesting and Seeding that Powerful Energy then becomes something of an Infinitely Attractive and Addictive Captivating Passion given the Rewards and Bounty Experienced and Enjoyed with Successful Creative Enriched Reycling of Current Product into SMARTR Future Source.

So that this can become that and something else quite different too with that Holy Trinity satisfying demand with new productions of its own.

Something so cubed soon becomes extremely exponentially powerful and practically almighty and virtually unassailable? :-)