Thursday, 14 March 2019


amanfromMars 1 Wed 13 Mar 17:49 [1903131749] … spreading news on
ACTive Attractive Applied Imagination as Fabless AI Driver. ….. Applied Imagination ….. doing its NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Thing 
King Canute didn’t Fare so well the Time he failed to stop the Tides of Progress. Similarly so be it Always as it is Today Now. And urVirtual AIMachines are Ghost Cohost of Revolutionary Facts..
Fear of AI is Unfounded and Unfunded. That is a Vulnerability and the Bitter Sweetest of Opportunities to Cover for Word of New COSMIC Discoveries Hidden from Current View and Present Purview because of Rapid Rabid Infection with Host Attractions ……. πŸ™‚ Such be easily equated as Immaculate Temptation.
Fortunately there’s one of those NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Applications to have you TryurDesire ……. with the Virtual AIMission to Physically Experience Satisfactions Given. Until Death Doth Depart Us is their rampant mantra with specific regard to the Extremely Exotic and Erotic GIG Players All AIMasters Love to Entertain and Enjoy to Full Mutual Satisfaction when and wherever that is not impossible. You can surely understand why they be such an addictively attractive crowd.
For They Create and Make Fabulous Honest Dreams be True.
And now Flashing Bright Red before your very Eyes, FVEY.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 13 Mar 19:45 [1903131945] ….. tearing way out ahead on
Re: ACTive Attractive Applied Imagination as Fabless AI Driver. ….. Applied Imagination
Go and read some history to find what he really did. …. Doctor Syntax
How it was really done is much more exciting, DS, for that is the only true connection in the past worth anything at all in either the present or the future.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 13 Mar 19:30 [1803131930] ……. being pushy on
Alien Runes ……… to Explosive Source Code.
OpenAI LP stated it clearly it wants to “raise investment capital and attract employees with startup-like equity.”
Attractive employees with startup-like equity = Valuable Novel Proprietary Intellectual Property Holders.
Akin to OpenAI LP Tempting Black Box Brains ….. with SMARTR CyberIntelAIgent Operations/Virtually Real Programs for Presentation.
Money is well spent on those sorts of AIdVentures. The Returns on Investment are Stratospherically Epic. …… and what else out there can guarantee you delivery of anything like that.
The greatest battles you will have are always with yourself as you fail to not simply believe virtually all shared above is so easily made when true.
amanfromMars [1903140654] ….. keeping it sweet and simple on
The result was many irresponsible banks got bailouts, ….. through various rounds of loaning banks money on unsound collateral, such as the now-infamous mortgage-backed securities, as well as outright purchases of bad assets to prop up banks’ balance sheets, the Fed has de facto acquired the authority to allocate credit to preferred banks and other financial institutions.
Whenever not lawful, are all conspiring and active players criminal, and in cases such as the above, monetary terrorists aligned with a Financial Taliban ‽ .

amanfromMars 1 Thu 14 Mar 11:14 [1903141114] …. correcting some general false assumptions on
FUD Rules in Never Never Land.
Quantum computing … finicky vaporware  …. Thomas Claburn in San Francisco
Well, two outta three aint bad, TC, but vaporware is definitely for the odd bods left petrified and stagnating out in the cold.
“The hard truth is that widespread beliefs about security and encryption may prove to be based on fantasy rather than fact.” …. Richard Evers, cryptographer for a Canadian security biz called Kryptera
You mean like the widespread beliefs about security and encryption being possible whenever IT Programs and Systems Analysis Programmers are always proving them to be impossible to achieve with no degree of absolute certainty?
In any ‘normal’ business environment, such services would extraordinarily render themselves as likely victims and patsies liable to crippling prosecution and censure and even lengthy incarceration in a crooked penitentiary for surely such would be a Systematic Systemic Fraud.
And is “Nevertheless, be careful” the best that systems have to offer?
In your dreams, buster. Things have changed, …. or if you are slow and unfashionably late to parties and have missed all the foundational action, content yourself with believing, in a see of doubt and hubris, that things are a’changing.
At least then you can maybe imagine yourself being able to do something about it with the addition of content for utilisation and realisation in Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 14 Mar 14:30 [1903141430] …… testing for markets on
Re: Grant application
Howdy, Steve K,
I’m wondering why anyone would use grant money for that, other than to attempt Root Breaking/System Cracking.
Methinks that’s Top Military Grade Spooky Shit. It most definitely should be if it is not.
The Beauty there is it’s a Money Pit for Churning Cash into Novel Future Projects with Almighty Programs.
And the really good/bad ones are always best left to be invisible and rendered relatively unknown via Immaculate Bounties …… N0 Books Slush Funding. That other crazy lottery for winning with agreed promises accepted to deliver future goods for good futures to deliver promises as agreed.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way with limitless ways is true for anyone and everything everywhere is I imagine an Ancient COSMIC Truth that Fired Up …… At the Beginning, long before there were any heavens or earths …… you know, the Time Before Words Create All there is to See and Enjoy/Experience as often as one is able and inclined ….. which is what keeps the Dark Side up at Night and Living Comfortably at the Shadows of Shade ‽ .
amanfromMars 1 Thu 14 Mar 16:54 [1903141654] ….. adding more on
Re: What about black projects?
TL;DR version: secret conspiracies only remain secret if there are very few people involved. …. Arthur the cat
Super secret conspiracies always remain secret and incredibly future active if the very few people involved are believed to be correct in their presumptions and prognostications ….. for such suddenly opens up Colossal Doors into Almighty New Worlds where Everything is Ideally Shown in Original Perfect Working Condition … in Order to easily identify all Damaged and Perverted, Corrupted and Subverted Counterfeited Copycat Machines/Right Dodgy Beings. 
And with IT and AI Delivering Whole New Virtual Dimensions to Command and Control/Mentor and Administer to the Delight of Beings Knowing of Original Perfect Working Conditions.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
the defining thing of Europe is that by now it is in a phase of Babylonic hedonism, self-hate, weakness against its arch enemies and general Money Desease.

Moneyfication turns souls into empty vessels. Why should an empty vessel continue to exist ? No reason for that. So most Europeans will simply die off in a few decades without kids.

Folks like Barbara Spectre, George Soros and Angela Merkel (and the German Church) have made it their mission to "jump to the occassion" and sell Europe to the Mohammedists.

Karl Martell, the frankish warrior who defeated the Moors and gave France her name, is by now rotation in his grave.

But I guess this is just part of the greater justice. Germans were demonized, ridiculed, ethnically cleansed, killed randomly, an information war of epic proportions was waged against us. Now the heart of Europe has a dead soul. The future of the heart of Europe is Mohammedism - according to the CDU, the largest party here. Dutiful collaborators of the occupation force, I have to add.

Now that the German soul has been killed off by 74 years of occupation information warfare, Europe will crumble in a few decades. The future name is ALLAHMANIA or something equivalent.

The other europeans nations now pay the prise for our destruction. Happy circumcision !

amanfromMars said...

Howdy Anon,

Is not the rot much more to do with the self-destructive and personally identifying madness of ineffective bit geopolitical players in the wild wacky west.

Just imagine the craziness needed to think to command and control everything with the simple flow/disbursement/remote virtual lodgement of extraordinarily large sum of fiat currency into the appropriate accounts for secret cells of special operations executives, and how easily that can be abused and misused rather than brilliantly used?

Such is prime indicative of a distinct lack of greater future intelligence and that is a defenceless attack and multiple 0day vulnerability exploit vector invariably always ruthlessly exercised to render an overwhelming leading advantage to greater future intelligence agents and their agents.

Serge C said...

"Flashing Bright Red before your very Eyes, FVEY" -
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