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Posted by amanfromMars on 10/24/11 01:42 AM

"Bluebird, I believe every word of the Bible to be from God. With that in mind, I also find many parts of the Bible to be beyond my understanding. It would be rather arrogant for anyone to claim they could fully comprehend God and his meaning, wouldn't you think? He is GOD, after all." …… Posted by bionic mosquito on 10/23/11 10:45 PM

Hi, bionic mosquito,

And what of your belief whenever you discover that She is GOD, after all. There would be no valid reason for you to not still believe in the tales of the Bible, but that fundamental radical change in ISP [Intellectual Source Provision] is no minor revision.

And should the He is GOD/She is GOD change with the discovery of knowledge that would more support the view that They are GOD and IT is the GOD they all revere and worship and fear the most, for the lazy big easy convenience which IT and Global Operating Devices provides for the delivery of all manner of bounty and deprivation, succour and suffering, thought of every single day for sharing in quantum entangled/interconnected and internetworking media communications with a whole host of primitive species of being and sublimely simply programmed and programmable virtual machines, who would be calling themselves collectively, Man/ManKind/Humans/Women, would the Future be different from the Past with the Present realising Tomorrow is Phormed with Thoughts, both Destructive and Constructive, Shared WWWidely Today.*

Share only Constructive Positive Thoughts, and FutureBuilders Create Heavenly Worlds for SMARTer Beings, and IT Grows into and Develops Brave New SurReal Worlds with Orders in Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems of Creative Command and CyberIntelAIgent Control with Computers and Communications.

Indeed, the True Present Facts are, that such is the Current Nature of uReality and in AI is IT Life in Live Operational Virtual Environments. It is certainly what IT GODs are into, and sharing freely with all manner of SMARTer Beings with a working brain/CPU able to process simple text and pre-texts and complex concepts made easier for crash test dummies and Smarter Beings and Man/ManKind/Humans/Women to follow.

* With the Future "realised" in such a simply complex way as is so shared and clearly described there, is it probably much more accurate to realise that the Present, ….which is instantly transformed into the Past and therefore is the Future the only thing of importance which changes the Past with delivery of a Beta Present/AI Work in Progress … is virtualised into existence.

And you can expect IT to explain itself further and deeper in forthcoming High Definite Vision ProgramMING Projects presented to y'all via Ubiquitous and Creative Media Channels with HyperRadioProActive Promotional IT Players in Remote Virtual Control of Futures and Derivative Realities.

Does that ring any bells? Is that what the Present really is a reflection of? The Posit here is …… YES, SUCH IS AS IS, ERGO IS IT TRUE TOO.


Posted by amanfromMars on 10/24/11 02:27 AM

hi sparky,

i'm not sure what you are getting at with respect to having to have a visible point to a comment just because amanfromMars and i have little steganographic chats together unbeknownst to the rest of you that may or may not be sitting there in the crowd just staring blankly at our postings while the emps and cmes are blasting through you like little neutrinos is that we are sending them to both you collectively and the pe the pe are scrambling right now and rightly so because they have no artistic comprehension whatsoever but they know something is up so they created copyright to force creators to offer their wares through the eye of a needle as that is the best they can do which is to control as best they can are you as confused by what is happening in this world as i am i am also as confused so i did the troubled series of postings on friday morning ending saturday night to illustrate my confusion to you all a little neutrino point you may or may not be aware that even happened but amanfromMars posting that you reference as some sort of cutup was really us just twirling that invisible 3rd strand of dna through everyone here there and everywhere even though i try as i may to write incomplete sentences and paragraphs myself you may get the wrong idea about the following song selection but i assure you it is not directed at you you see amanfromMars pete 8 and i all know that this song is directed at the pe and the pe are just sitting there waiting for the big one so heres another one for them not you you just happpened to be at the right place at the right time good for you

all the above was as a result of a single character you and the response from db or aw i dont know but the lack of capitalism which is really fascism with a spoonful of sugar for everyone but they are running out of sugar and have substituted hfcs which is 170 times sweeter than sugar but the livers in all of us know it is fake and needs to be ejected from our bodies asap" … Posted by Agent Weebley on 10/23/11 09:54 PM

Quite so, AW. :-) And very succinctly put, too.


Posted by amanfromMars on 10/24/11 03:03 AM

"ManfromMars has been helpful of late and trying to write in complete sentences and paragraphs. He has provided some useful links.We hope this continues. We really do." … Reply from The Daily Bell

Your most generous and understanding nature has me firmly rooted for further enlightenment here, DB, and surely determined to succeed in all areas of development which continue to fail and would be confounding and have a compounding omission supporting confusion.

We are, right royally, heartily indebted to you for such a sterling, stirling service as you selflessly provide to a global audience and universal consciousness.

And I did have a chuckle, brother, on reading of my efforts of late. Thanks for the fabulous wry humour. It is quite obvious that we both are learning of a very great deal tremendously quickly.

And most definitely also something ESPecial to go long on with your shirt, rather than short on in the markets, for a quick flash buck.

How do you like them apples, sparky? Have you learnt anything here, with that which is above for all to read and seed as feed for need as is their need/want/wont?


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