Monday, 4 April 2016


amanfromMars 1 Mon 4 Apr 11:20 [1604041120] ….. sharing a bigger picture opportunity on
Catch 42
Security systems and secretive societies have as a much, if not even more of a problem and/or opportunity, with emails to and/or about them, and to myriad others, which are not encrypted and which carry in plain sight text, information and intelligence which vulnerable and compromisable parties would rather not become widespread general knowledge.
The fact is compounded and strengthened by such vulnerable, compromisable parties, in ways which can be suddenly catastrophic to those parties, if they choose not to engage in a spirit of mutual advantage with such intelligence in state or non state actors, for that non action is an open invitation for information to flow directly elsewhere to what might be considered opposition and competition, where it can surely be used to initial contacts’ great disadvantage.


Anonymous said...

Hi, amanfromMars,

as far as i know, there is no means to provide a secure connection. if there are any known ones, one would like to know the howto.



amanfromMars said...

I might wholeheartedly agree with you, Anonymous. To think to keep anything of value top secret and secure from other party exploitation and monetisation/advantageous use with rewarding payment, is a sure sign of a lack of intelligence in humans.